Focusing on Our Employees’ Wellbeing

Health and safety and effectively engaging our workforce will always be a priority for Texas Pacific. Our core values of teamwork and engagement underline our commitment to our employees and broader workforce, and we remain dedicated to supporting their welfare, growth, and continued professional development.

Workforce Health and Safety

Texas Pacific proactively manages the safety and wellbeing of our employees and contractors. Our continued objective is to have a trained, safe workforce that can quickly and meaningfully respond to incidents and emergency situations.

TPL employs an excellent training and engagement program. In 2022, we expanded our safety training beyond field operations to include all employees. Convergence online training coordinates required trainings, and tracks employee participation and completion. TPL also prioritizes hands-on, in-person trainings for more specialized job certifications. Each position within the Company has been evaluated for specific operational hazards associated with the day-to-day job requirements.

TPL hosts mandatory safety trainings, exercises, and events throughout the year and requires contractors to attend, when appropriate. This allows the workforce to be well-informed, well-trained, committed, and capable of managing potentially dangerous and/or emergency situations. Our robust employee safety training and engagement opportunities include:

  • Monthly Safety Training sessions that cover a set schedule of key safety topics.
  • Safety Alerts to communicate incident details and, where appropriate lessons learned, to all supervisors and employees. Lessons learned and any safety insights are then prioritized in monthly safety trainings.

Texas Pacific has a defined process to track spills, emergencies and incidents, and identify areas for process improvements. TPL's incident reporting process involves thorough documentation that is used to manually document and investigate all incidents. This document specifies the “owner” of an incident, corrective actions needed, and the targeted completion date for necessary measures. TPL’s procedural documentation is accompanied by a formal reporting timeframe to ensure transparency, accountability, and timely responses. This allows us to effectively monitor and accurately report incident data while also supporting internal trending intelligence and process improvements.

TPL’s superior workforce health and safety results are a direct reflection of how we integrate safety into the fibers of our operations and culture. For example, if there is ever an accident or incident that requires an investigation, the interview questions are specifically targeted at finding the root cause, not assigning blame, which is important in cultivating an environment of trust and achieving meaningful solutions.

TPL has an Emergency Action Plan (“EAP”) for every active site and has an established cadence for reviewing and updating EAP documentation. These are updated on a quarterly basis to ensure the incorporation of new assets, processes, technology, and emergency contacts.

In the event of a significant incident, TPL will stop work at our locations, a “Safety Stand Down,” and bring together all leadership, employees, and contractors to discuss key elements of the incident and lessons learned
  • Emergency scenario and response training (annual)
    • Spill and RCRA trainings
      • Checking and monitoring water assets
      • Health and Safety training activities around the safe transportation of liquids
  • Monthly safety training meetings
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”)- in house capabilities
  • PEC Safeland Training
  • Powered Equipment Training
  • Job-specific field trainings
  • Specialized certifications
  • Computer-based training and in-person

Human Capital Management

We are dedicated to building a corporate workforce founded on a culture of respect, equality, safety, professionalism and integrity.

A critical element of employee wellbeing is attributed to maintaining a balance between work and personal life. TPL supports a working environment that accommodates this balance. Our workforce exhibited continued dedication and excellence to their roles and responsibilities during COVID-19, and as such the Company decided to maintain these programs today and will do so for the foreseeable future. A flexible work environment, including enhanced work-from-home solutions and additional flexible hours, have proven to bring value to our employees’ work-life balance, while also promoting mental health within the workforce.

TPL has core working hours in which employees need to be present to support colleague engagement, innovation, and productivity. Depending on the role of the employee, TPL supports our workforce joining remotely as long as expected roles and responsibilities are managed.

Wellness also includes providing competitive mental health coverage to ensure our employees have the resources they need to promote their wellbeing. Our medical coverage supports mental health treatment, including wellness programs and access to employee assistance programs.

Compensation and Benefits

At TPL, it is our responsibility to support the physical and mental health of our workforce. To foster the health and wellbeing of our employees and their families, we offer all of our full-time employees access to financial, health and wellness programs, including:

  • A compensation philosophy emphasizing performance goals
  • A 401(k) plan with company match incentives
  • Paid time off for holidays, personal days, and vacations
  • Heavily subsidized full medical insurance coverage for all full-time employees and their families

As part of TPL’s benefit program, the Company provides employees and their families access to our Employee Assistance Program. We also provide short-term and long-term disability insurance, paid and unpaid leaves of absences, and spousal and dependent care programs. These programs are in place to address the variety of circumstances that impact the wellbeing of our employees. Additionally, the Company has a Wellness Room that provides personal space to employees when needed, particularly nursing mothers. We also have a room—stocked with free snacks and beverages—to help employees step away from work, mentally and emotionally detach, and connect with their colleagues.

Employee Engagement, Education, and Professional Growth

To attract and retain talent, we support the professional development of all of our employees with a variety of opportunities for personal growth, including training, education support, mentorship programs, and internship opportunities. Some of our notable achievements include:

  • In 2022, 100% of our employees participated in employee performance reviews in which employees and managers cover goals, development opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses;
  • All employees have access to applicable tuition reimbursement and continuing-education classes, including Udemy courses;
  • TPL provides employment law training for supervisors of all levels;
  • TPL hosts team recognition events, allowing employees to feel connected to leadership -- team members experience a sense of appreciation that builds TPL’s culture, and;
  • TPL prioritizes continued contact and engagement with its employee base, including weekly department meetings that act as a touch point for employees in a remote setting, facilitating support, team integration, and professional engagement.

TPL encourages the professional development of our employees through a variety of opportunities that drive personal growth, including training, education support, mentorship programs, and internship opportunities.

Our commitment to professional development helps TPL keep the best talent in-house, reflected by our employee retention and low turnover rates. We also engage in annual Employee Satisfaction Surveys to help TPL management understand how the organization can retain critical talent and continue developing the professional skillsets of our workforce. It also allows the broader employee base to provide feedback and observations to TPL’s leadership team, enhancing our culture and proactively addressing opportunities for improvement.

Diversity in the Workforce

We are committed to enhancing gender, racial, and ethnic diversity throughout our organization. We believe that diversity is an important factor in bringing people together, encouraging shared commitment, and fostering new ideas. We continue to assess and explore the Company’s organizational dynamics to cultivate a more diverse workforce. The Company looks at holistic dimensions of diversity -- such as culture, age, generation, professional and life experience -- and incorporates these considerations into meaningful strategies and a roadmap for the future.

Providing a safe and inclusive working environment for our employees and contractors is a top priority for TPL. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics provides the foundation and framework for a business environment where discrimination and harassment of any kind is not tolerated, and all people are treated with dignity and respect.

TPL provides equal opportunity for all employees and consultants regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnic or national origin, social origin, disability, family status, or any other protected status and personal characteristics for all aspects of employment, including recruitment and talent attraction, training and professional development opportunities, promotions, and all employee benefits.

Our Policy on Reporting Concerns facilitates an anonymous option to report a violation, even on the behalf of another colleague—this is done through our Whistleblower Hotline. TPL is legally obligated to investigate any submissions and take immediate, appropriate action. This policy provides the foundation for the Company to maintain a productive and engaged working environment, inspiring confidence in the workforce that TPL remains committed to equality and respect.

Texas Pacific mandates trainings to ensure our workforce remains tolerant and respectful of colleagues and peers. The company requires the annual completion of the following trainings:

  • Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion
  • Anti-Bribery & Antitrust and Workplace Ethics

Texas Pacific is in compliance with applicable employment codes and guidelines, including ADA, Equal Opportunity Employment, Nondiscrimination, Anti-Harassment and Nonretaliation codes.

Community Involvement and Charitable Giving

Texas Pacific is committed to assisting those in need and remaining a reliable partner and resource to our communities. We sponsor and support numerous charitable opportunities and local events through charitable giving committees led by our employees. Some highlights in 2022 include:

National Breast Cancer Hope Kit

December 2022 – TPL partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to assemble 100 Hope Kits, which contain items that are geared toward the needs of breast cancer patients. These kits contain fuzzy socks, tea, lip balm, bracelet, tumbler, unscented lotion, HOPE journal, educational resources, pen, and a cosmetic product.

North Texas Food Bank

September 2022 – North Texas Food Bank’s (“NTFB")230,000 square-foot facility houses food distribution, volunteer operations, an office space, and Jan’s Garden, a community learning garden. With the assistance of TPL’s donation, the NTFB provided 136.9 million meals to kids, senior, and families in need in 2022. In addition to food assistance, we also learned about their programs such as Ways to Partner, Senior Programs, Disaster Relief, and Nutritional Services.

Children’s Medical Center Dallas No Sew Blankets

July through November 2022 – Each month between July and November, our Dallas-based TPL team joined together to assemble No Sew Blankets to be donated to the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. In total, we complete our goal of assembling 85 blankets which were donated to patients receiving services at the medical center.

Children’s Medical Center Swing Fore Miracles

March 2022- TPL was honored to participate in this year’s “Swing Fore Miracles” event, a program sponsored by Play Yellow of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Play Yellow is a movement championed by Jack and Barbara Nicklaus in an effort to raise money for patients at children’s hospitals across North America. Play Yellow partnered with the PGA Tour and aims to bring the golf community together to help the 10 million kids treated at local children’s hospitals each year. This particular event was focused on the Children’s Health Plano expansion with the mission to “make life better for children”.

West Texas Food Bank

July 2022- TPWR employees assembled food boxes at the West Texas Food Bank location in Midland. TPWR employees checked expiration dates and sorted food to be disbursed to those in need throughout the local community.

Other notable partnerships include:

  • American Cancer Society
  • Children’s Medical Center Foundation
  • North Texas Food Bank
  • West Texas Food Bank
  • Ronald McDonald House of Dallas
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation
  • Salvation Army

2022 Spend

Landowner and Community Relations

TPL views its neighboring landowners and grazing tenants as valued partners, with many relationships dating back more than 100 years. Building trust and maintaining positive, engaged, and proactive relationships with these stakeholders enables the Company to successfully access land, a necessary resource for our water services business. This allows for optimal land development opportunities and creates long-term economic growth and reputational value. Fostering meaningful, productive relationships with our neighboring landowners, grazing tenants, and local communities allows us to build out social strategies that help brand TPL as an established, accountable community partner.

Landowner Testimonial

“As a third-generation rancher leasing from Texas Pacific Land Corporation, our family has enjoyed a decades-long relationship with your office. The surface use agreements and leases have historically covered many thousands of acres. Texas Pacific Land Corporation, has continuously been highly professional and respectful of the varied environment that encompasses our lands. The Reynolds-Leigh Ranch continues to actively maintain this partnership with TPLC because it’s been mutually beneficial and allows all concerned to maximize profits while eliminating any negative impact on the land, livestock and environment. We are thankful for our business relationship with TPLC today and look forward to many more years of progressive stewardship of the natural resources our land in Texas has to offer. As managing partner of the Reynolds-Leigh Ranch, I continue to endorse and encourage the business we have with Texas Pacific Land Corporation, and thank you for the positive impact it has had on our lands and those of the great state of Texas.”

- Reynolds Leigh Ranch