Focusing on Our Employees’ Wellbeing

Health and safety and effectively engaging our workforce will always be a priority for Texas Pacific. Our core values of teamwork and engagement underline our commitment to our employees and broader workforce, and we remain dedicated to supporting their welfare, growth, and continued professional development.

Workforce Health and Safety

Texas Pacific proactively manages the safety and wellbeing of our employees and contractors. Our continued objective is to have a trained, safe workforce that can quickly and meaningfully respond to incidents and emergency situations.

TPL employs an excellent training and engagement program. Convergence online training is currently able to coordinate many of the required trainings. It also tracks employee participation and completion. Functionality also includes quizzes as a knowledge check for the employees who completed a required training. TPL also prioritizes hands-on, in-person trainings for more specialized job certifications. Each position within the Company has been evaluated for specific operational hazards associated with the day-to-day job requirements.

TPL hosts mandatory safety trainings, exercises, and events throughout the year and requires contractors to attend, when appropriate. This allows the workforce to be well-informed, well-trained, committed, and capable of managing potentially dangerous and/or emergency situations. Our robust employee safety training and engagement opportunities include:

  • Monthly Safety Training sessions that cover a set schedule of key safety topics.
  • Safety Alerts to communicate incident details and, where appropriate lessons learned, to all supervisors and employees. Lessons learned and any safety insights are then prioritized in monthly safety trainings.

Texas Pacific has a defined process to track spills, emergencies and incidents, and to identify areas for process improvements. The TPL incident reporting provides  thorough documentation that is used to manually document and investigate all incidents. This document specifies the “owner” of an incident, the corrective actions needed, and the targeted completion date for necessary measures. TPL’s procedural documentation accompanied by  a formal reporting timeframe ensures transparency, accountability, and timely responses. This allows us to effectively monitor and accurately report incident data while also supporting internal trending intelligence and process improvements. TPL’s superior workforce health and safety results are a direct reflection of how we integrate safety into the fibers of our operations and culture. For example, if there is ever an accident or incident that requires an investigation, the interview questions are specifically targeted at finding the root cause, not assigning blame, which is important in cultivating an environment of trust and achieving meaningful solutions.

TPL has an Emergency Action Plan (“EAP”) for every active site and has an established cadence for reviewing and updating EAP documentation. These are updated on a quarterly basis to ensure the incorporation of new assets, processes, technology, and emergency contacts.

In the event of a significant incident, TPL will stop work at our locations, a “Safety Stand Down,” and bring together all leadership, employees, and contractors to discuss key elements of the incident and lessons learned

During COVID-19, TPL prioritized the health and welfare of our employees, both non-essential and essential workers. For those that did not have to be onsite operationally, TPL supported employees working remotely and adjusted schedules to accommodate family needs. For essential employees that had to be onsite, the Company strictly followed local, state, and federal guidelines and provided quarantine sites for field employees to ensure the safety of the employees who worked closely together during operations. Stringent cleaning and safety protocols were adapted to offices, and all vendors, contractors, guests, and visitors were educated on these protocols and expected to comply.

TPL COVID-19 TPL Corporate- Prevention & Safety Measures TPWR- Onsite Field Operations Prevention & Safety Measures
  • Provided education and awareness campaigns to encourage responsible behavior and support vaccinations among the workforce
  • Provided timely information to employees and contractors - where to go, and what to do if they experienced symptoms. Also provided updates about vaccine access and availability
  • Leadership contact and engagement with employees to support employee and workforce welfare. Provided employee assistance programs to professionally and emotionally support the organization.
Social Distancing and Quarantining
  • Closed office location in Dallas
  • Implemented flexible working plans and schedules- remote working. Provided necessary IT solutions (teleconferencing on MSFT teams, equipment ect.)
  • Cancelled all travel
  • Closed field office to only TPWR employees and essential workers
  • Quarantine workers- provided living arrangements to ensure on-site safety. Established /implemented quarantine protocols and facilities across operations
  • Limited contractors to essential only- established health and safety guidelines when onsite including: checklist and health screening form
  • Implemented a social distancing directive in compliance with local and state regulation
  • Business entry protocol implemented
  • CDC-aligned questionnaires required for employees and visitors
  • In field offices, gate guards used to manage entry
  • Enhanced screening at all site entry points including testing, travel and contact history and symptom checks
  • Contractor questionnaire regarding COVID-19 response plans
PPE and hygiene
  • Provided masks, hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes for all office entry
  • Educational campaign for correct hand washing etiquette and social distancing awareness
  • Same as corporate
Return to Work
  • Followed CDC guidance and timeframes
  • Established survey for employees to understand needs during COVID and expectations for returning to work
  • Same as corporate
  • Partnered with local medical emergency provider, XstremeMD to assist with testing
  • Emergency scenario and response training (annual)
    • Spill and RCRA trainings
      • Checking and monitoring water assets
      • Health and Safety training activities around the safe transportation of liquids
  • Monthly safety training meetings
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”)- in house capabilities
  • PEC Safeland Training
  • Powered Equipment Training
  • Job-specific field trainings
  • Specialized certifications
  • Computer-based training and in-person

Human Capital Management

We are dedicated to building a corporate workforce founded on a culture of respect, equality, safety, professionalism and integrity.

Compensation and Benefits

To foster the health and wellbeing of our employees and their families, we offer all of our full-time employees access to financial, health and wellness programs, including:

  • A compensation philosophy emphasizing performance goals
  • A 401(k) plan with company match incentives
  • Paid time off for holidays, personal days, and vacations
  • Heavily subsidized full medical insurance coverage for all full-time employees and their families

Employee Engagement, Education, and Professional Growth

To attract and retain talent, we support the professional development of all of our employees with a variety of opportunities for personal growth, including training, education support, mentorship programs, and internship opportunities. Some of our notable achievements include:

  • All employees participate in our employee performance reviews —employees and managers to cover goals, development opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses
  • All employees have access to applicable tuition reimbursement and continuing-education classes
  • TPL hosts team recognition events, allowing employees to feel connected to leadership -- team members experience a sense of appreciation that builds TPL’s culture, and;
  • During COVID-19, TPL prioritized continued contact and engagement with its employee base, including weekly department meetings that acted as a touch point for employees in a remote setting, facilitating support, team integration, and professional engagement.

Diversity in the Workforce

We are committed to enhancing gender, racial, and ethnic diversity throughout our organization. We believe that diversity is an important factor in bringing people together, encouraging shared commitment, and fostering new ideas. We are actively reviewing and exploring the Company’s organizational dynamics to cultivate a more diverse workforce. To do so, the Company is looking at the holistic dimensions of diversity-- such as culture, age, generation, professional and life experience -- and incorporating these considerations into meaningful strategies and a roadmap for the future.

Texas Pacific mandates trainings to ensure our workforce remains tolerant and respectful of colleagues and peers. The company requires the annual completion of the following trainings:

  • Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion
  • Anti-Bribery & Antitrust and Workplace Ethics

Texas Pacific is in compliance with applicable employment codes and guidelines, including ADA, Equal Opportunity Employment, Nondiscrimination, Anti-Harassment and Nonretaliation codes.

Community Involvement and Charitable Giving

Texas Pacific is committed to assisting those in need and remaining a reliable partner and resource to our communities. We sponsor and support numerous charitable opportunities and local events through charitable giving committees led by our employees in 2020:

Dallas Life

TPL’s Meredith Briggs/Kearston Morgan and Reverend Bob Sweeney from Dallas Life Homeless Recovery Center

Salvation Army of North Texas

  • Giving Tree $10,000 donation
  • Led to the adoption of 100 Angels (children) for the tree
  • Presents purchased and donated to 100 Angels

“The donation from Texas Pacific Water Resources, along with Angel Tree donors from our community, made it possible for The Salvation Army to provide Christmas gifts to 1,194 children in 2020, right here in Midland. In addition to presents under the tree on Christmas morning, The Salvation Army provided each family with a Christmas dinner. Angel Tree distribution day is always one of the highlights of the year, and despite adjusting our process due to the ongoing pandemic, more than 400 families received their gifts on December 16, 2020.”

West Texas Food Bank

“We are so grateful for not only the monetary donation of $15,000 from Texas Pacific Water Resources but for the time volunteered by their team. The boxes they built were utilized in our mobile outreach program and helped families struggling to put food on their tables provide nutritious and healthy meals. Because of the timing of the monetary donation, the gift was DOUBLED, thanks to the Abell-Hanger Foundation Challenge match. Since the West Texas Food Bank has relationships and partnerships with grocers, producers, and growers, we were able to utilize the $15,000 donation to provide around 120,000 meals into our 19-county service area. The impact in our community would not be possible without the support from the team at Texas Pacific Water Resources.”

North Texas Food Bank

“The North Texas Food Bank is so grateful for Texas Pacific Land Corporations generous holiday gift of $10,000. This gift provided access to 30,000 nutritious meals to food-insecure children, families, and seniors across North Texas. Beyond meals, your gift provided a beacon of encouragement and light for North Texans who are still experiencing challenging times— for this, we are deeply grateful. Our community has endured so much, but we know the resiliency of our clients, the dedication of our staff, and the support from partners like Texas Pacific Land Corporation, will light the way on the road to recovery.”- NTFB

  • This was matched by Sammons Enterprises and Beaumont Foundation of America
  • Total donation provided 60,000 means for hungry families in North Texas

2020 Spend

Landowner and Community Relations

TPL views its neighboring landowners and grazing tenants as valued partners, with many relationships dating back more than 100 years. Building trust and maintaining positive, engaged, and proactive relationships with these stakeholders enables the Company to successfully access land, a necessary resource for our water services business. This allows for optimal land development opportunities and creates long-term economic growth and reputational value. Fostering meaningful, productive relationships with our neighboring landowners, grazing tenants, and local communities allows us to build out social strategies that help brand TPL as an established, accountable community partner.

Landowner Testimonial

“As a third-generation rancher leasing from Texas Pacific Land Corporation, our family has enjoyed a decades-long relationship with your office. The surface use agreements and leases have historically covered many thousands of acres. Texas Pacific Land Corporation, has continuously been highly professional and respectful of the varied environment that encompasses our lands. The Reynolds-Leigh Ranch continues to actively maintain this partnership with TPLC because it’s been mutually beneficial and allows all concerned to maximize profits while eliminating any negative impact on the land, livestock and environment. We are thankful for our business relationship with TPLC today and look forward to many more years of progressive stewardship of the natural resources our land in Texas has to offer. As managing partner of the Reynolds-Leigh Ranch, I continue to endorse and encourage the business we have with Texas Pacific Land Corporation, and thank you for the positive impact it has had on our lands and those of the great state of Texas.”

- Reynolds Leigh Ranch